EMT: Entrepreneurial Motivational Training.

Rita Sen Gupta:

This module is one of my favorite modules I enjoyed and I learnt my weakness and strengths and in the future how I have to work with this.   This module was taken by Rita Sen Gupta.she taught us in very unique manner and it was too different from other classes. Along with theory we learnt practical things also. It helped us to think creatively. And we were involved in some motivational games which will help us to improve our entrepreneurial quality. Through this module we all analyzed our inner potentiality and weaknesses because there were some evaluation tools through which we can measure ourselves. Lastly she taught about what kind strengths we must have to start our own entrepreneurship. This module was so unique and very effective for us.



Movie Making:


This is one of the good learning for us as we can get to know how to prepare a movie. In movie making there are three steps 1st is pre planning, production and editing. We choose one topic for the group and we prepared a short 5 minutes movie.



As we have seen that many people face the problem as there is no one to fight for them with the system and because of that they are always force to stay behind for egg hizra community, double Decker and so on. So to fight with the system there should be someone who will stand between and doing the advocacy for their rights.



Mr: Athani sir:

In this livelihood module I have learnt how we can adopt some simple livelihood options for our income and also I have learnt subsector village study where we went in the village to see how there is a link between producer and an end user. Through which process this works. I studied on the topic of Handloom sector in the Gadag Betageri   we found that the from the farmer cotton goes to the mill from mill it goes to the weavers then it goes to traders from traders it goes to the distributes to the wholesale dealers and from there to retailers and finally it reaches to the end user that is customers.


RTI Rally and Candle march:

All the fellows have done the RTI rally   on 12th Oct by going on the bicycles in the main streets of the Hubli city   on the 4th anniversary of the RTI Act. The rally started in the morning and completed in the evening. In the rally we covered many places. In the rally we were shouting slogans and also we did street plays at three places. In the evening we did the candle march from Glass house to the chanamma circle Hubli.


RTI Act:

Mr. Chandru &Ajay

Right to information Act 2005 [RTI] is one of the best Acts which gives to the equal rights to the poor and rich people we can use anytime and anywhere also we can fight for right with the help of this act.  We can get any information from any government departments rules, policy, expenditure, plan , etc within a specific time and if they fail to give the information they have to pay the penalty that’s why its became very good tool to get any information from the government.


Prashanth, mamtha

This is the very best technique to do marketing with publicity without any cost.  Also we can shock the competitor by starting some business without giving any intimation or using some strategy for the upliftment of the business and we got the 100 tips for business.